Annual Report

Dairy Australia Annual Report

Dairy Australia’s Annual Report includes statements on our financial activity and key performance outcomes. Download a copy of the report, or individual sections, or scroll down the page to learn more about our activities in FY19.

The 2018-19 season was one of the toughest in recent memory. Persistent, very dry conditions across all regions significantly impacted the cost of key inputs and farm profitability yet farmers showed their resilience in the face of these challenges.

The Australian Dairy Industry FY19

National milk production decreased 5.7% to 8.8 billion litres, but the decline could have been even more severe. The Murray region was hardest hit, with water prices and falling production an ongoing concern for all parts of the industry.

Our FY19 revenue

Dairy Australia’s revenue to support investment in critical priorities for the dairy industry is obtained primarily through the dairy service levy and Commonwealth Government funding for eligible Research and Development (R&D) activities. The dairy service levy is deducted from payments made to farmers by milk processing companies which are then remitted to the Australian Government.

Our funding allocation

Funding is allocated across the three strategic priorities (SP) that guide the programs and projects we deliver on the ground. These priorities are as follows:

  • Strategic Priority 1 (SP1) Profitable Dairy Farms – includes pre and post farmgate activities aimed at improving productivity as well as industry sustainability
  • Strategic Priority 2 (SP2) Capable People – focuses on education and training to enhance the capability of industry participants
  • Strategic Priority 3 (SP3) Trusted Dairy Industry – focuses on maintaining the industry’s long-term ‘social licence to operate’.

Managing Director Report

As part our Statutory Funding Agreement with the Australian Government, we are required to conduct an independent review of our performance before a levy poll, which gives levy payers the opportunity to indicate their preferred rate of levy. The review evaluates how we performed against our Strategic and Annual Operational Plans, and the value we provided for levy payers.

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