If you're planning to manufacture and sell dairy products this central library of information and other resources will help you trade your goods, both domestically and for export.

This introductory video explains the basics of dairy manufacturing and provides insights on how to produce safe and high quality dairy products for the domestic or export market.

Are you Trade Ready?

The Are you Trade Ready website brings together crucial information from a list of reputable industry and Government sources to assist Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME) interested in manufacturing and/or exporting Australian dairy products for domestic and international markets.

Are you Trade Ready offers an in-depth self-assessment tool aimed at predicting what you know and need to know to get started.

You can also calculate initial costs of recalling food using the Dairy Food Recall tool developed specifically for SMEs in the dairy industry. This online tool has been created to help Australian dairy businesses understand the potential costs of a food recall and help guide decisions for improvements to their procedures.

Exporting to China

China is Australia's largest export market and our largest agricultural goods market. For several decades, exports and investment have underpinned the development of the Chinese economy. Dairy exports have contributed significantly during this time.

Exporting dairy products to China requires considerable planning to ensure all regulatory and market requirements are met, both locally and in China. Any organisation involved in export sales to China must first be registered with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

A dedicated Trade Ready China website has been specifically designed to assist potential dairy exporters to China. It provides you with all the necessary regulatory and market information required to make the exporting process a seamless one, prior to contacting the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment to obtain the necessary export licence.

Please note: This site does not guarantee an export licence or guarantee acceptance of a dairy product into China.

Export market research

Trade resources

Australia ranks fourth in overseas exports trade, with our milk production creating a surplus destined for global markets.

To find out more information about dairy products and markets, including market overviews, tariff information, industry and product statistics, visit Exports and Trade.

You can also discover which countries hold strong trade agreements with Australia by visiting the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia’s trade statistics at a glance.

Trade success stories

Saint David Dairy

In this video, owner and Managing Director of Saint David Dairy, Ben Evans, share his experience on what it takes to run a boutique dairy company, and particularly the importance of implementing and managing a water-tight food safety plan.

That's Amore Cheese

Gain an insight into Melbourne cheese company, That’s Amore Cheese, and hear owner Giorgio Liguanti discuss the importance of sourcing local milk to produce a quality product, and how a robust food safety plan could be the difference between success and failure in the dairy industry.

Other resources

Dairy Australia is only one source of market research information for the dairy industry. There is a myriad of global organisations who can help you with specific industry research. Listed below are some other organisations that may be able to assist you further.

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