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The Learning Program offers Australian dairy manufacturers access to the knowledge of world dairy experts. Over the past eight years, more than 200 webinars have been delivered to upskill Australian dairy manufacturers. The presentations have become a valuable training resource for participants.


Acid and buffering during cheesemaking

Cheddar Bytes – Quality features of Quicke's world renowned cheddar cheese

Creating a unique Australian cheese


Developing flavours in soft cheese

Feta cheese quality

Microbiology of cheese rinds

Molten gold - the science behind cheese melts

Reverse engineering cheese

Salting techniques for cheesemaking

Soft ripened white mould cheeses

Understanding the crunch - a deep dive into cheese crystals

Perfect soft mozzarella

There are many recipes and various types of Mozzarella produced in response to market demands and consumers. This webinar provides guidance to a broader vision, for those who want to know and produce this wonderful cheese.

Bacteriophages in Dairy Fermentation

This webinar looks at bacteriophages – viruses that infect bacteria and the enemy of all cheese makers.

Cleaning and sanitation

Controlling microbial spores

Detecting and eliminating post processing contamination

Dairy microbiology

Indicator organisms and their uses in dairy products

Persister cells - cells that keep on giving

Emerging technologies and processes

The effects of ultrasound in dairy processing

What's exciting in the way of whey?

Food safety

Improving the food safety culture of your business

New technologies for sterilising of milk

Safety of dairy products

Fresh dairy

Improving the creaminess of yoghurt

Find out how to improve the creaminess of yoghurt and fermented products by understanding the role of ingredients and processing routes.


This webinar looks at the factors affecting milk composition, describes what buttermilk is, market prices and much more.

Sensory aspects of yoghurt quality

The presentation covers the sensory qualities of yoghurt including flavour, colour and appearance, taste, texture, feel/touch and sound.

Microbiology of butter

This presentation looks at microbiological issues and specification for butter. It looks at the number one cause of downgraded butter and quality issues to be be aware of with buttermilk.

Trends in yoghurt products

This 2014 presentation looks at market trend in yoghurt products including consumer perception, forecasting, Greek yoghurt in the US, data on new product launches and more general trends.

Naturally cultured butter

This presentation is 'lessons from an accidental butter maker'. It goes through the definition of butter, historical references, and covers the categories of butter and biological acidification of butter.

Technology of butter and buttermilk

This presentation explores what exactly butter is, the types and history of butter, butter in the US, why it tastes so good and more.

Fermented milk as a functional food

This presentation looks at public health and minimising illnesses with functional food, fermented milk and dairy products including yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, probiotics and prebiotics. It also covers main concerns and strategy for public health.

Ice cream

Best quality practices for small scale manufacturing and scooping operations

This webinar looks at ice cream recipe development for batch-freezer operations, and optimal storage conditions for maximal shelf-life in scooping operations.

Managing key ice cream properties using the freezing profile concept

This webinar looks at the freezing overview, relevant principles including freezing point, crystallization rules, water mobility and freeze concentration in addition to a freezing profile overview. 

Novel use of sweeteners in ice cream

Understand the novel use of sweeteners in frozen dairy desserts - which is critical to the formulation, manufacturing, distribution and enjoyment of ice cream and other frozen desserts.

The science, technology and art of dairy gelato style ice creams

Find out about the science and technology of dairy gelato-style ice creams - which is characterised by compositions that are lower in milk fat and milk solids.

Market insights and business development

Transitioning to online sales for dairy manufacturers

Dairy Situation and Outlook 2018

Marketing to modern consumers

Win and delight consumers with Aussie dairy products


ESL milk processing

This webinar explains what ESL milk is, (extended shelf life milk), how it is produced with thermal and non-thermal technologies, microfiltration and bactofugation. It also looks at common heat treatments and how to package ESL products.

Milk quality essentials

Controlling quality in UHL and ESL milk

Is raw milk giving you a raw deal?

This presentation looks at the how the quality of raw milk determines the quality of dairy products. It looks at why quality is important, how to define quality, sources of contamination, testing and how to improve quality.

Heat stability of milk for pasteurisation and heat treatment

The presentation looks at the heat stability of milk and how poor heat stability may influence pasteurisation, sterilisation, UHT, in-container and evaluation factors.

In the raw - pathogens and raw milk quality

Find out about raw milk quality parameters, prevalence of pathogens in raw milk, and the impact of raw milk consumption on public health.

Practical consequences of calcium addition to and removal from milk and milk products

The presentation evaluates the significance of calcium in milk, types of calcium, addition of calcium and calcium removal including how to prevent rennet-induced coagulation, delays in age gelation of UHT milk and how to reduce foaming.

Minerals in milk - the forgotten fraction

This presentation looks at the salt composition of milk, a model for the case in micelle and the UF permeate from milk and reversibility.

The complexity of milk structure

Find out about the complexity of milk structure and why this makes diary products healthy.

Process optimisation

The Maillaird reaction and implications for the dairy industry

Milk powders during spray drying

This webinar will discuss what the ideal powder for the user and for the manufacturer is, what are the characteristics, droplet size and other considerations for whole milk powder manufacturing.

Product development

Developing beverages with dairy proteins

New product development for cheese makers

Novel protein ingredients for infant milk formula


Sustainability in our dairy from pasture to plate

Sustainability - what's it all about?

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