Food Safety Program for Manufacturing

Manufacturer regulation

Once delivered to the manufacturer, milk is processed in modern and automated factories using responsible environmental practices. The relevant State Regulatory Authority (SRA) licenses all dairy factories in their state while factories manufacturing product for export also require Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE) registration. An approved food safety program (FSP) is required prior to licensing.

Core elements of the FSP include:

  • Pathogen reduction technologies including pasteurisation
  • Temperature controls
  • Processing
  • Cleaning and sanitising
  • Storage
  • Traceability forwards and backwards through the supply chain from farm to customer
  • Post-pasteurisation hazard management
  • Raw material and ingredient management
  • Records
  • Personnel competency

Product specifications reflect compliance with customer requirements, regulatory requirements within the FSANZ Food Standards Code and in the case of exports, the requirements of DAWE and the importing country.

All suppliers of ingredients, cleaning chemicals, packaging and services work with dairy companies to ensure their materials and services meet specific requirements, especially with regard to the traceability of ingredients and materials.

All dairy manufacturers have product recall systems based upon the FSANZ Product Recall Protocol.

Auditors approved by regulatory agencies including DAWE audit the FSPs of all manufacturers. In addition, DAWE and SRAs monitor the safety of milk and dairy products through programs such as the Australian Milk Residue Analysis Survey.

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