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Performance Report

Dairy Australia's Performance Report, a companion document to our Annual Report, details our achievements during 2021/22 as well as progress made on initiatives designed to support the profitability and sustainability of the dairy industry.

  • 2021/22 Performance Report

    PDF7.12 MB
  • 2021/22 Performance Report at a glance

    PDF1.24 MB
  • 2020/21 Performance Report

    PDF3.18 MB

Dairy Matters Support Aussie Campaign

One of the commitments in the Australian Dairy Plan is to increase the industry’s collective effort in industry marketing, to drive further trust, value and demand for the Australian dairy industry.

Evaluation Framework

Dairy Australia's Evaluation Framework guides how we monitor the performance of investments. In 2020/21, the framework was revised to align with the 2020-2025 strategy, which reprioritises investments over the next five years for better service to the dairy industry. This updated framework strengthens monitoring and evaluation outcomes, enhancing the following aspects:

  • Alignment with our new portfolio structure to allow better strategic focus.

  • Metrics that cascade to be able to monitor from each strategic priority down to individual projects.

  • Metrics that matter, with a greater focus on outcomes and lesser focus on activities.

  • Further transparency, including quarterly publication of our performance summary.

  • Dairy Australia Evaluation Framework 2020-25

    PDF1.27 MB

Annual Report

The latest Dairy Australia Annual Report includes statements on our financial activity and key performance outcomes, as well as our Chair and Managing Director's report.

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