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Dairying for Tomorrow

Dairying for Tomorrow supports dairy farmers and the industry to reduce its environmental footprint. It does this by enabling activities such as reduced on-farm fertiliser loss, improved effluent systems, retaining native bush and the fencing of waterways.

Dairying for Tomorrow has developed a number of tools to help make decisions around every-day farm management relating to climate, energy, chemicals, farm waste and more.

Learn more on the Dairying for Tomorrow website.

Environment tools


Fert$mart provides advice on soil and fertiliser best practice approaches in dairy. Learn more.

Dairy Climate Toolkit

This Climate Toolkit has been developed as part of the Profitable Dairying in a Carbon Constrained Future project. It provides comprehensive knowledge of the practices that profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farm systems, embedded in the context of every-day farm management decisions. Click here to go to the Dairy Climate Toolkit pages on the website.

Dairy Climate Toolkit

An overview of the Dairy Climate Toolkit and links to further pages and resources on how dairy businesses can adapt to climate change and reduce emissions.

Dairy Self Assessment Tool

Dairy Self Assessment Tool (DairySAT) is an environmental self-assessment and action planning tool for Australian dairy farmers. It covers 10 key topic areas:

  • Soils
  • Fertilisers
  • Effluent management
  • Irrigation
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy and water in the dairy
  • Pests and weeds
  • Chemicals
  • Farm waste

Request a printed version of DairySAT by contacting Dairy Australia.

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