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Leading bioscience research to improve farm productivity through enhanced  decision making when identifying best genetics for  your pasture and herd.

DairyBio is the dairy industry’s leading bioscience research program and is a joint venture between Dairy Australia, Agriculture Victoria and the Gardiner Foundation. The new phase of the DairyBio program, DairyBio21-26 began in July 2021 and is continuing on from DairyBio16-21 to drive transformational productivity and profitability improvement on-farm.  

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2040 Forages

The future forages program has an exciting range of research – from some with lower risk and more immediate impact through accelerated uptake of mature technologies, through to higher risk and medium to long term impacts through exploration of new breakthrough technologies. The types of biological science that delivers this level of transformational on farm improvement can be time and investment intensive. That is why the programs were designed with what the industry and the climate and systems modelling have told us we will need in 2040 and 2050.

2040 Cows

The cows in 2040 may not look different, but they will be more profitable for dairy farmers. They will be more resilient to our changing climate and provide greater flexibility in replacement decisions – whether it be from extra productive life or optimising the timing and number of new replacements. DairyBio will deliver genetic improvement and management tools that directly address the vision for the ‘desired cow' on an Australian dairy farm in the year 2040.

Learn more about DairyBio's key headline targets for 2021-2026.

Innovation under the DairyBio research program aims to deliver long lasting cows from birth to maturity and traits that help in adapting to the changing environment as well as maintaining diversity. Download the key headline targets for the program below.

  • Key headline targets for 2021-2026

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Dairy Bio Overview

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DairyBio website

For more information please visit the DairyBio website.

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