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Stock Handling

Working with dairy cattle can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling role. But like any job, understanding the basic principles behind how to operate safely and effectively, makes a big difference to the wellbeing of both staff and animals on farm.

Cattle are large animals that are very responsive to the way they are handled by humans. For this reason, it is vital that all staff understand their role in safely and effectively working with livestock in order to ensure the wellbeing of all animals and people on farm. This requires a commitment from every staff member to ensure safe and stress-free people care for safe and stress-free animals every day.

Understanding natural cow behaviour is both fascinating and rewarding. Exploring some of the basic principles of how cows perceive the world around them and how they behave helps us better understand how best to work with them.

The Working with Livestock online course is an entry-level fully online learning module that helps participants understand:

  • cow senses and how cows perceive their world
  • how to use the principles of the 'flight zone' and 'point of balance'
  • Moving individual animals
  • Moving groups of animals
  • Working with Calves
  • Safety when working with animals including hazards and zoonotic diseases

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