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Find a Milk Quality Advisor

Dairy Australia has a network of specialised Countdown mastitis and milk quality advisors who can investigate, troubleshoot and assist dairy farmers to develop tailored solutions that fit their farm business.

Countdown advisors can help dairy farmers to improve their farm's milk quality performance and ensure they get the best return on any effort invested.

  • Milk Quality Advisors

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How to become a Countdown advisor

Countdown MQ is an intensive 10-month professional development program for milk quality advisors to improve their ability to provide problem solving and milk quality management services to dairy farmers.

The Countdown MQ program incorporates a mixture of online learning, multi-day group sessions, assignments and practical tasks on the important elements of milk quality management in Australian dairy systems.

For upcoming Countdown MQ program dates, contact Stephanie Bullen at stephanie.bullen@dairyaustralia.com.au or on 0417 123 387.

Successful participants will most likely be:

  • Actively employed in the dairy industry
  • Interested in providing one-on-one advisory services to dairy farmers
  • Have good computer skills
  • Looking to develop skills and experience in farmer extension

Testimonials from previous attendees:

This course is exceptionally well put-together, run by engaging and informative presenters who are just an absolute wealth of information and experience. I learned so much, not just about milk quality but also how I engage with clients.

The consultation and communication skills covered in the course are applicable to all consultations with farming clients. This will be highly valuable to my work generally.

The investment on our part has been well-rewarded and despite the focus being milk quality, my enthusiasm for the broader dairy component of the work we do has grown significantly as well.

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