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Corporate Governance

Dairy Australia Limited was formed in July 2000 as part of the deregulation of the dairy industry to assume the functions that had been undertaken by the Australian Dairy Corporation (ADC) and the Dairy Research and Development Corporation (DRDC).

In 2003, as part of the Australian dairy industry restructure, Dairy Australia was restructured. A Constitution was developed and a Statutory Funding Agreement agreed with the Federal Government.

Dairy Australia operates within a complex matrix of obligations owed to multiple stakeholders. By virtue of its status as an industry-owned rural research and development corporation (RDC), it owes obligations to its members and to the Commonwealth and is also subject to the legislative obligations ordinarily owed by corporations. 

As an industry owned RDC, Dairy Australia is reliant upon the Commonwealth for funding. The terms and conditions surrounding the basis upon which that funding is granted to Dairy Australia are set out in the Statutory Funding Agreement. 

At the 2013 AGM, members voted to pass 11 separate special resolutions to amend Dairy Australia's Constitution. At the 2014 AGM, members voted to pass one special resolution to amend Dairy Australia's Constitution. These amendments have now been approved by the Federal Minister for Agriculture and are now in effect.

At the 2016 AGM, the requirement to have Ministerial consent to changes to the Constitution once approved by Group A members was removed. This was undertaken at the request of the Federal Minister for Agriculture. 

Independent Performance Review

An independent review of Dairy Australia’s operations and governance was completed in January 2021.


  • Dairy Australia Board Governance Policy

    PDF160.23 KB
  • Dairy Australia Constitution 2021

    PDF498.2 KB
  • Statutory Funding Agreement 2021-2031

    PDF780.16 KB
  • Dairy Produce Act 1986

    PDF1.2 MB
  • Dairy Produce Dairy Service Levy Poll Instrument 2016

    PDF1.21 MB
  • Dairy Australia Evaluation Framework

    PDF1.12 MB

Corporate Governance and the Board

In accordance with Rule 22 of the Constitution, the Board must establish certain sub-committees.

The Board sub-committees currently in place are the:

  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Board Selection Committee


  • Dairy Australia Board Charter

    PDF176.79 KB
  • Dairy Australia Board Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter

    PDF88.14 KB
  • Dairy Australia HR Committee Charter

    PDF103.97 KB
  • PDF82.76 KB
  • Dairy Australia Board Diversity Policy

    DOCX24.96 KB
  • Dairy Australia Code of Conduct

    PDF102.84 KB

Dairy Australia Board Skills Matrix

The Board Skills Matrix is a summary of those skills areas which the Dairy Australia Board considers to be required of the Board as a whole. This information is updated by the Board (in consultation with its committees) as the needs of the industry and the organisation change.

  • Dairy Australia Board Skills Matrix 2023

    PDF168.1 KB

Privacy Policy

View a copy of Dairy Australia's Privacy Policy.

  • Dairy Australia Privacy Policy

    PDF58 KB

Dairy Australia Constitution and Services

Dairy Australia’s constitution establishes the parameters within which the organisation is able to operate. Dairy Australia was established in 2003 to act as the industry’s national services body. Its role is to undertake collective investment on behalf of the industry, investing in research, development, extension and industry services that individual farmers and dairy companies are unable to efficiently undertake themselves. The eight regional teams are funded by Dairy Australia to deliver services specific to each dairy region.

Dairy Australia's constitution does not allow it to act in the representation/advocacy area. This function is performed by Australian Dairy Farmers Limited, Australian Dairy Products Federation and their associated state dairy farmer organisations.

  • Dairy Australia Constitution 2021

    PDF498.2 KB

This diagram explains the dairy industry's structure.

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