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Fact Sheet

Australian Dairy Industry Fact Sheets

Learn about Australia's dairy industry, sustainability commitment, food safety and more.



Factsheets - English

  • Industry overview

    PDF1.02 MB
  • Food Safety

    PDF597.68 KB
  • Sustainability

    PDF698.14 KB
  • Dairy and Health

    PDF1.14 MB
  • Environmental Sustainability Overview

    PDF2.06 MB

Factsheets - Japanese

  • Industry Overview - Japanese

    PDF3.67 MB
  • Food Safety - Japanese

    PDF3.07 MB
  • Sustainability - Japanese

    PDF3.79 MB
  • Dairy and Health - Japanese

    PDF3.35 MB
  • Environmental Sustainability Overview - Japanese

    PDF1.81 MB

Factsheets - Simplified Chinese

  • Industry Overview - Simplified Chinese

    PDF3.74 MB
  • Food Safety - Simplified Chinese

    PDF3.07 MB
  • Sustainability - Simplified Chinese

    PDF3.8 MB
  • Dairy and Health - Simplified Chinese

    PDF3.3 MB
  • Environmental Sustainability Overview - Simplified Chinese

    PDF1.75 MB

Factsheets - Thai 

  • Industry Overview - Thai

    PDF4.83 MB
  • Food Safety - Thai

    PDF3.93 MB
  • Sustainability - Thai 

    PDF6.53 MB
  • Dairy and Health - Thai

    PDF2.66 MB
  • Environmental Sustainability Overview - Thai

    PDF1.26 MB

Factsheets - Vietnamese

  • Industry Overview - Vietnamese

    PDF3.54 MB
  • Food Safety - Vietnamese

    PDF2.97 MB
  • Sustainability  - Vietnamese 

    PDF3.66 MB
  • Dairy and Health - Vietnamese

    PDF3.2 MB
  • Environmental Sustainability Overview - Vietnamese

    PDF1.64 MB

Factsheets - Indonesian

  • Dairy and Health - Indonesian

    PDF3.19 MB
  • Environmental Sustainability Overview - Indonesian

    PDF1.63 MB

Factsheets - Korean

  • Dairy and Health - Korean

    PDF3.26 MB
  • Environmental Sustainability Overview - Korean

    PDF1.7 MB

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