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Australian Dairy Carbon Calculator 2023

The Australian Dairy Carbon Calculator estimates dairy farm carbon emissions and what impact various greenhouse gas abatement strategies have on farming systems. This helps with identifying farm efficiency improvements that lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gas abatement strategies modelled by the calculator fall into four categories: herd management, feeding management, soil management and farm intensification. The calculator shows that any farm efficiency improvement will lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Australian Dairy Carbon Calculator 2023

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  • Key Facts on Climate and Carbon

    PDF454.98 KB

How to use the calculator

  • Data Collection Sheet

    PDF376.09 KB
  • Manual - All Sections

    DOCX3.59 MB
  • Manual - Calculator

    DOCX1.55 MB
  • Manual - Benchmarking

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  • Manual - Carbon Accounting

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  • Manual - Cost Only

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