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How to establish lawful place for management of on-farm wastes decision tool

Victorian Regulation: Industrial waste duties and lawful place

You must comply with the new industrial waste duties under the Environment Protection Act 2017 (Vic) (new Act) which will apply to all waste produced from on-farm (commercial) activities. You must also comply with the General Environmental Duty.

After identifying and classifying your industrial waste, you must ensure that it is taken to a ‘lawful place’. This tool will help you decide which of six different pathways is right to establish lawful place for your waste.

This decision tool covers the most common issues facing the dairy farm sector and is for general information purposes only. It is not intended to be comprehensive of all situations facing dairy farms. It does not constitute legal advice. You may need to seek specialist advice for your particular circumstances.

Links to relevant EPA information are provided throughout the document should you like further information on key topics.

Find out more at Government Regulations.

  • How to establish lawful place for farm waste

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