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Fact Sheet

Energy Saving Tips

  • Batteries for Dairy Farms

    PDF442.72 KB
  • Bioenergy for Dairy Farms

    PDF738.44 KB
  • Dairy Shed Easy Energy Tune-up

    PDF535.05 KB
  • Energy Glossary

    PDF353.89 KB
  • Energy Monitoring and Energy Audits

    PDF2.95 MB
  • Heat Pumps

    PDF381.39 KB
  • Heat Recovery

    PDF546.16 KB
  • Milk Cooling

    PDF379.81 KB
  • Saving Energy on Dairy Farms

    PDF8.09 MB
  • Solar Irrigation

    PDF1.02 MB
  • Solar PV Ready Reckoner

    PDF1003.92 KB
  • Thermal Storage

    PDF507.49 KB

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